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We recognize the importance of guilds to quilting. Guilds play an important role in quilting education and instruction, shows and competitions, and communication about everything to do with quilting.

We hope you will list your guild in our directory. Visitors to our site will find this information useful. Your organization will be included with no obligation, except to update your information periodically.

We find that information gets dated rather quickly. Contact people change, and so forth. So we’ve created a place where everyone can keep their information up-to-date easily and receive free publicity for your group. We will send a reminder once annually to update you information.
Help Us Stay in Touch

We would deeply appreciate your sharing your guild contact information. This information will remain confidential and be used only for the communicating with guilds about special opportunities and discounts, or other opportunities such as attending your guild show or setting up a demonstration of our products.
Tell Us About Your Show…

Most guilds have an annual or biannual quilt show, and we want to know all about yours! You can attach a document (flyer or brochure) to the contact form.
Or Arrange for a Demonstration…
Whether or not your guild has its own show, we can make special arrangements to visit you for a demonstration of our products.
For the above, you can use the contact form  below.


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