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Longarm Bella Prima

Product Description

Starting at $18,999.00, Call today to speak to a representative: 1-850-433-1414.
The Martelli Bella Prima Longarm Quilting Machine—Fit For You! Sit or stand – it’s up to you with our exclusive electric leg lifts.

  • No braces or framework underneath the machine means freedom of access
  • Machine may be placed near the wall; there is no need to walk behind or around it
  • Standard frame length is 11 feet; but customization allows you to pick the frame length that best meets your space needs.

Talk to us about combining the longarm with one of our work stations to create a completely customized quilting experience!

Longarm Bella Sedere

Product Description

Starting at 8,999. Call today to speak to a representative: 1-850-433-1414.
BELLA SEDERE Italian for “sit down,” the Sedere model gives you the work output of a longarm machine without prolonged standing, in a compact 4’ x 4’ space.

  • Achieves the utility and benefits of our Work Stations by using the same basic structure and materials
  • A full 21-inch throat and 11-inch neck for lots of room
  • Dual foot pedal for up/down needle function
  • Broad, accessible work surface (48” x 48”)
  • Adjustable height (30” to 46”)