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I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I have been with your products.  I have had the Stitch in the Ditch set for about a year and I have used it many, many times.  I am a professional quilter, so I often need to put a binding on quilts for customer.  I have had so many complements on the fact that the front of the quilt binding does not have a line of stitching. Yes, there was a small learning curve, but the results are well worth the time I invested.

Also, I just had carpal tunnel surgery.  The orthopedist said it was an occupational hazard.  When I got out my [another brand cutter] I soon realized that it had been part of the source of my pain.  NOT cutting is NOT an option for me, so I started looking for some other way.  My husband even tried to invent something!

However, I came across the Martelli Ergonomic Cutter at a store and tried it.  YES! YES! YES!   Please give a big kiss and hug to whoever invented that wonderful cutter!!!  No pain–the way the wrist stays in a neutral position is perfect, just perfect!

Thanks, and thanks again!

Jonna Baker


Little Old Ladies…?!?

Thank you for your help with my cutters recently. They are without a doubt the best and most comfortable cutters. But then, I find all your products are excellent.

As I told you on the phone, my friends and I have started a quilters’ group here at Old Bridge Village (55+ residential complex; no connection to The Villages located elsewhere in Florida).

We have had such interest in this, even two ladies who had never threaded a needle. How they went all their years without sewing on at least a button, I cannot figure out. We have introduced all the women to all areas of quilting including piecing, machine work, paper foundation sewing, fusibles, wall hangings, totes and on and on.

Initially most people thought of us as “little old ladies”—which I suppose we are—sitting around quilt frames hand sewing. Wrong! It has been great fun, and a special time and way to socialize. Many did not know about current quilting tools such as your rotary cutters and cutting mats. We meet once a week and now have branched out to two or more days a month. On those days we are sewing “Lap Robes for Heroes.” These will be sent to Veteran’s hospitals. We encourage everyone to come and iron, pin, cut, sew, or help in other ways.

I own a business in Massachusetts and appreciate dealing with, not only an American company, but one who stands behind the integrity of their products. I will continue to support, promote, and purchase from Martelli.

Paula Kiessling, North Fort Myers, FL



What Wonderful Things You Have Created!

Dear Mrs. Martelli:

I purchased your cutter, mat, and ruler at the show in New Hampshire recently. Before attending, I had given myself a little talk about being more open to new products and things that would make it easier for me to quilt. So when I saw the demo about the cutter I thought that would be right for me, as I am in a wheelchair and have diminished strength in my arms due to multiple sclerosis.

When I got the cutter, mat and ruler home, I almost had a moment of buyer’s remorse, wondering about my investment in these tools.

The next morning I tried the cutter first thing. Then I tried cutting and using the mat as my ruler, still unsure. Then I got brave and started cutting finished blocks-even four at a time!

Wow, this is so easy and wonderful. I am in control of my cutting again! And the round mat! Well, what wonderful things you have created. Maybe I should have bought the right handed cutter as well, as I am ambidextrous.

Thanks so much for your products. My arms held up and don’t hurt and I don’t have to use as much pressure. Already I love, love, love my new cutter and mat.

Anonymous, From Survey


Think Like A Quilter!

Martelli has always been one of my favorite vendors at the [trade] shows. Love their products and their demonstrations. One thing I love about Martelli is that they really try to think like a quilter. They make products that help make a quilters quilting experience so much better.

For example, the rotary cutter: I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and this rotary cutter is so much easier to use and for longer periods of time. It is ergonomic and stays sharp longer. As a quilter, we need vendors at the [trade] shows that really care about a quilter’s quilting experience, and for [Martelli], I am very thankful.

Barbara Keith, Milton, FL


We Love Our Cutters!

My name is Daniele Colvin. My mother and I visited you at the Martelli Booth at the Houston Quilt Show about 4 years ago. We both bought rotary cutters from you at the same show. Last year the plastic parts of our cutters broke. I called and spoke to you about trying to fix my cutter. You told me to send it in, and you would either fix it or send me a new one. I really didn’t want to be without a cutter, so I made do.

I brought my old cutter to the show to see if it was fixable. Your booth was extremely busy, but you made time to listen to me and look at the cutter. By just looking at it you knew it wasn’t fixable and gave me a brand new one at no charge! You also listened to my mom and took her word that hers was also broken and gave her a new one as well!

Thank you so much for your time and generosity! We are both truly grateful for your kindness.

We both love our cutters. In fact, I have never used any other kind since.

Again, thank you so much!

Danielle Colvin, Lafayette, LA and Barbara Wells, Eunice, LA


The above testimonials came directly from customers via letters, cards, emails, social media, and surveys. They have been edited for length and clarity.