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Among the reasons I appreciate Martelli and its appearance at trade shows are:

  • New Products
  • Knowledge
  • Demonstrations
  • Consistent, real-time help with products.
  • FUN! And isn’t that why people quilt?
  • But the most important reason: An American company established here in the United States, employing Americans, manufacturing  here . . . This is most important of all if we are to keep our economy going;  I appreciate it.

Liz Del Accio, Carrollton, TX


I’m just so grateful that the Martelli ErgoCutter has let me keep quilting. I had to give up other rotary cutters because of the strain on my hands. Praise God for these kind people who are thinking about me! Now I just need one of Martelli’s work tables that will accommodate my wheelchair!

Evelyn Pierce, Philadelphia, PA


Martelli offers a great product line dedicated to quilters. Martelli Products have been beneficial to my ability to continue quilting with their ergonomic products. Their blades are exceptionally sharp and long-lasting. Their binding products WORK! I purchase from their online store in order to continue getting great deals on Martelli products, after the quilt show.

Janna Burnworth, Lawrenceville, IL


I love the products and every quilt shop I go to I tell them “Have you tried the Martelli products? You will NEVER use another cutter after using theirs.” Loved visiting with Valarie at the Paducah quilt show. Thanks for making our lives easier in the quilting world. Staying in Stitches and Loving Jesus,

Sharon Smith, Fredericktown, MO


Everyone is very friendly and ready to answer questions. I bought your rotary cutter and came home and threw my others out. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the cutter is a lot easier to use.

Pauline K., From Survey


Love, love, love your products! I continue to be impressed with the quality of the products I have purchased. So glad I found Martelli.

R. Jones, From Survey


Martelli provides some of the best if not the best in quilting supplies. Their mats and cutters are far superior to anything else on the market.

Paulette Niemann, Bay City, TX


I bought my first ErgoCutter a long time ago and love it. I tell everyone I can.

Since I shattered both bones in my right wrist, I love it even more. Never thought I could use a rotary cutter again, and therapist did not either. Love your products.

I think your products are the best. I just placed another order. I do not know how to do free motion quilting yet but I’ve ordered the GripperRings. I love your ErgoCutter and just ordered another to take down to my church quilting group.

Love your new web site and the sales you have from time to time. I have told many people how I just LOVE the rotary cutters. I now have both sizes and just ordered more replacement blades. Thanks for giving us these great Redline Direct sales from time to time.

Judy Work, Toms River, NJ



Martelli has very fast shipping and communication. Customer satisfaction seems to be a top priority with Martelli.

Kim S., From Survey


Martelli Enterprises has some of the best and most reliable products on the market.

Michele Bond, Hagerstown, MD