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  1. Eric See

    Hello Martelli longarm owners! Welcome to the longarm owners’s forum! Please feel free to discuss topics regarding your Martelli longarm machines here with us at Martelli’s as well as other machine owners like yourself.

  2. Jeannine James

    Let’s introduce ourselves — I’m Jeannine James. My goal in life is to make more quilts!

    • [email protected]

      Looking forward to this Forum!

  3. [email protected]

    Testing my log-in. Hello Bella users!

  4. Jeannine James

    This is a tip for QBOT users. When you import designs into QBOT, it’s a good idea to reduce nodes before you use the design (the designs that came with your QBOT are already reduced). You can do this from Design Management. A complex design can have tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes, requiring more processing by QBOT and slowing you down. Many designs can be reduced and stitch out just fine. As you reduce, you can see the design on your screen, so you don’t want to reduce so much it affects the design. For example, I have a design that has almost 30,000 nodes. I reduced it to 34% of that and it stitched out just fine, you can’t tell the difference. Happy quilting!

  5. Jeannine James

    Today’s Tip: When using QBOT, if you have stitching issues, check the QBOT settings on your tablet. Refer to your owner’s manual for the settings for your QBOT. QBOT and your Bella should be ON, so your tablet can read the settings. Happy quilting!

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