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  1. Oren Powell

    Evening all. I’m making myself a laptop sleeve using iron on wadding and 100% cotton fabric. I’m ironing the wadding to the fabric according to the manufacturers instructions and it looks great. I’m then turning the right sides together (inside out) stitching the sides together but when I turn it back over the right way the fabric is very wrinkled. Any thoughts?

    • Oren Powell

      I didn’t get on with it either! Have some waiting to go to a scrapstore. However if you want to persist, I wonder if using a large embroidery hoop might help hold the layers together, but it would be fiddly to iron like this.

    • Oren Powell

      Hi there.
      I can’t sew for proverbial. That’s why I joined this forum 😆
      I’m just an inveterate fiddler and sewing has taken my interest. Jeez I’ve even started watching project runway!
      I’ve as much fashion sense as a baboon’s bum.
      So what I’m about to say is, maybe, rubbish.
      You iron it together flat.
      Then sew inside out.
      When you turn it right side out, because the wadding is bonded to the fabric, the fabric has to follow the wadding.
      I’m assuming you’re not using a stretch stitch. So the wadding is held tight. It is no longer able to expand as it should.
      My thoughts are:-
      1) Try sewing a test piece using a stretch stitch.
      2) tack it right sides out then turn it the wrong way to sew.
      3) Pre compress the wadding before ironing.
      4) use a stretchable outer material and stretch it before ironing the wadding.
      6) Don’t use fuse-able. Make a lining.
      5) Give up and choose another project.
      These suggestions assume the correct diagnosis. Which is tentative to say the least.
      Cheers me dears

  2. Oren Powell

    I haven’t used my sewing machine in years, it’s in the loft and was given to me second-hand about 30 years ago so would like to invest in a new one. I would like to make my own curtains, cushions, and do some light upholstery. There are so many machines to choose from these days that I find it quite mind boggling 😕 . Can anyone recommend a machine which would suit my requirements. What machines are you using and how are you finding them for this type of sewing? I would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

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    • Oren Powell

      Hi Nuke,

      http://www.bestkidssewingmachine.com/be … g-clothes/

      Above is a link to some sewing machine reviews. Since you haven’t used a machine in awhile, I’m not sure that the Brother 6000i recommended would be the machine for you, since it’s computerized which makes it a little more complex than your average machine. However, I do think the Singer 2259 Tradition http://amzn.to/2wbwmAf would be a good one for your needs. Just be sure to switch to a more heavy duty needle when sewing the heavier fabric curtains etc. It’s also a really good price at under $100.

      Hopefully someone else will chime in with their thoughts too. Good luck.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Oren Powell

    I am having a slight problem with a sleeveless princess seam dress . This is not a major problem but I am trying to improve the fit on my projects. The area in question is between high bust and armhole,slight wrinkles on both sides. If I pinch in the area it then pulls the wormhole out of shape. Any help would be appreciated

    • Oren Powell

      I’m not quite sure what you mean? Is the top too tight? Or could it be that the distance between shoulder and breast point is too long? I have a wrinkle beneath the armhole unless I take a tuck in the pattern between shoulder and breast point (and the same tuck in the back an in the sleeve head)
      Yours, Cambron

    • Oren Powell

      Do you have sloping shoulders? Narrower in the front, or back? Try measuring the armhole on a dress you have already, and comparing it with your dress. Just a fraction of an inch may make a big difference.

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