We’ve all had a blast over the last few weeks here at the office playing with our new half-square triangle templates and our resident modern quilter, Ben Marshall, created this graphic new quilt using gradient fabrics and simple twist on the classic fields and furrows layout. (The pattern below, or you can click here for a downloadable PDF. Click here for video.)

Floating Squares

Designed, pieced, and quilted by Ben Marshall (aka TheCheekyQuilter)


Fabric Requirements:

1½ yards Moda Grunge Black Dress

1½ yards Moda Gradients, Reds Pinks

3 yards backing fabric

5/8 yard binding fabric



Martelli 6” Half-Square Triangle Template



  1. With fabric right sides together, cut and mark 42 half-square triangle sets.
  2. Stitch along all marked lines.
  3. Cut each set in half and press open to create two half-square triangle units. You should have a total of 82 HST units.
  4. Sort your HST units into two piles, light and dark.
  5. Sort each of those piles again into light and dark.
  6. You now have four piles to choose from to create contrast as you lay the quilt out.
  7. Following the graphic below, sew the quilt together in either rows or columns, pressing seams to nest. You will have one HST unit leftover.
  8. Quilt and bind as desired.