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Welcome to our knowledge base of frequently asked question about Martelli products, where we answer many of the most common questions about our products.
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Rotary Cutters

General Description

Do you experience pain and fatigue in your fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, or neck and back after a full day of cutting?

Do you have problems with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or tendinitis? Then the Martelli ErgoCutter—the only truly ergonomic rotary cutter—is right for you! Unlike traditional rotary cutters, the ErgoCutter is held in a natural position with your arm and palm of your hand evenly distributing all of the pressure. It relies on pressure from your entire arm and hand instead of just your wrist and fingers.

Cuts perfect lines and angles.
Blade guard closes with a flip of a finger.
Available sizes 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm.
Left- and right-hand models available.
Each blade will last 3-5 times longer than your typical blade.
Be sure to order extra blades!
The design and form of the grip is the key to the ErgoCutter. It facilitates a better, more ergonomic fit in your hand. Research and development was guided by the advice of orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, and other qualified professionals.

How is the Martelli rotary cutter ergonomic?

The first thing people notice about our cutter is the unusual shape. That shape was developed for it’s ergonomic benefits. The design and form of the grip is the key to the ErgoCutter. It facilitates a better, more ergonomic fit in your hand.

By changing the way the cutter is held and the way pressure is applied, our cutter does more work with less strain on your hands and arms. The cutter is held in a natural position with your arm and palm of your hand evenly distributing all of the pressure.

How do I hold the cutter?

To hold the cutter properly, grip the handle in your palm and place your index finger on the clear part of the cutter above the blade. Keep the handle firmly in the palm of your hand..

Next, place your index finger on the top of the cutter and your thumb on the side. When you cut, use your entire hand to put downward pressure on the cutter, using your index finger to keep the downward pressure on the blade.

How many fabric layers can I cut with your cutter?

That depends a lot on the type of fabric. Obviously, heavier fabric means fewer layers. With a typical quilting fabric, it is not unusual to cut up to thirty-two layers of typical quilting fabric. That means with a little planning, you should be able to cut all the pieces for a king-size quilt in minutes instead of hours.

There is one very important qualification to the above statement: Besides the fabric weight, it also depends a lot on your skill with the cutter. Beginners should be able to cut 4 to 8 layers without difficulty. As your skill with the cutter improves, you should be able to more and more layers.

How do I change the blade?

There are several steps to replacing the blade, and it’s easiest to show you, so we’ve included the video below.

Changing Rotary Cutter Blade

You can order more blades by contacting customer support at 1-866-996-1400 or [email protected]

How do I replace the spring?

You can order another spring by contacting customer support at 1-866-996-1400 or [email protected]

There are several steps to replacing the spring, and it’s easiest to show you, so we’ve included the video below.

Replacing Rotary Cutter Spring

How do I clean my cutter?

Take the cover that says “unscrew” off, and wipe down your blade, removing if necessary.

If some lint remains stuck inside, blow gently to remove.

Replace blade and cover.

How can I get the best results from my rotary cutters?

Take a look at this video:

The Big Three Cutting System

It’s a bit longer than most of our videos, but take the time to watch and learn. The video will demonstrate everything you need to know about our cutting system.


General Description
  • Made with the highest quality metal alloy known in the industry; tungsten steel
  • Sharpened on both sides at the same time so that the blade comes down to an even point
  • The material and sharpening process allow for a longer blade life.

Our unique sharpening system has created a blade that is in for the long haul. The blades will last approximately three to five times longer than ordinary blades. To maximize your blade life and efficiency in cutting, use it with our ergonomic rotary cutter and one of our commercial-grade mats. When you replace a blade, make sure you discard the old one in a safe manner. A good way to do this is with one of our blade tins. Three sizes available (28mm, 45mm, and 60mm).Please do not just toss them in the trash!

What are Martelli blades made of?

Our blades are made of the highest quality tungsten steel.

How long should blades last?

This depends on how much you cut, and proper use of the cutter.

Typically, our blades last 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary blades.

How many extra blades should I buy?

To start, we suggest a minimum of 5 – 10 blades. Because they last and last, that should be sufficient to get you through several projects.

If you are a very dedicated quilter (we know most of you are!), then buy the largest size blades for your cutter size, because that is the best value.

How do I properly store and maintain my blades?

We have three sizes of blade keepers, one for each size cutter. They are stainless steel, airtight, and handy for more than just blades!

The best way to use these for blade storage is to cut from batting two circles slightly larger than the blade, about the size of the Blade Keeper. Add a few drops of our Red Rocket Oil to both circles. Place one in the Blade Keeper, and stack the blades on top. You can add a drop of Red Rocket Oil between each blade if you like. Then add the other circle, and you’re all set!

Some other things our customers like to use the Blade Keepers for include storing pins and needles, extra Zip Clips, beads and buttons–really any small items that can be easily lost.

Can I use Martelli blades with other cutters?

Our 45mm blades can be used with other cutters.

Our 60mm blades can only be used with Martelli cutters.

Can I use other blades with the Martelli cutter?

You can use other blades with Martelli cutters, with one important exceptions.

If the blades have notches around the hole (some manufacturers do this), DO NOT use those blades with Martelli cutters, because they will ruin the bolt.

Cutting Mats

General Description
  • Mat is 18″ x 24″, measurements on mat are 16″ x 22″
  • Double-sided with contrasting color on each side
  • Self healing with proper use of cutters (Martelli ergonomic cutter is recommended for these mats)
  • Heavy duty and durable

Our 18″x 24″ cutting mat is made from commercial-grade materials, so it is very durable. With the proper use of our ergonomic rotary cutter, the mat is self-healing. It is also double-sided to provide contrasting colors. One side is yellow (for darker materials) and one side is purple (for lighter materials).

The measurements are printed along the outside of the mat and along its center axes so you don’t have to worry about covering up your numbers with your fabric or rulers. The mat also features 45-degree and 60-degree angles as well as concentric squares for squaring up your blocks. To increase the life span of your mat, we recommend you use our Martelli cutters and blades, and alternate sides and areas that you use.

How can I keep my mat from warping?

Mats warp because of two factors. The major factor is heat, such as leaving it in your car in the sun or ironing on it. Having the mat stored unevenly (rolled or bent) can also contribute to warping.

The best way to avoid warping is to avoid heat and keep the mat on a flat surface.

What can I do to fix a warped mat?

Usually mild warping can be corrected by laying the mat flat, preferably in the sun or a warm place, and placing some weight, such as books, on the mat. Leave it for a while.

Can I iron on my mat?

DO NOT iron directly on your cutting mat.

We do have ironing tops for the our Roundabout and our Work Stations, which is the safest way to do it, because the ironing tops have adequate insulating materials to avoid problems from the heat.


General Description
  • Cut perfectly accurate lines and angles, or strips for binding or other projects!
  • Has Martelli no-slip material on bottom of product
  • Manufactured on CNC machine to ensure accuracy

These are the only rulers that are 100% accurate for strip cutting because there is no wiggle room for your blade to move. The Martelli rulers have the Martelli no-slip material on the bottom of them to hold your fabric in place so you do not have to re-cut and waste material. The material will move with your ruler allowing you to now move your fabric and not your body when making cuts. The rulers are made out of durable plastic so there are no worries about chipping or cutting into your rulers. All of the Martelli rulers are cut on a CNC machine to ensure that they are 100% accurate.

Note: When using your strip ruler for the first time you will need to cut through the no-slip material with your rotary cutter. Place cutter in 1st slot and cut forward/backward. Repeat for each additional slot. Clean blade with alcohol if necessary.

How accurate are your rulers?

Our rulers are manufactured on a laser cutting machine, so they are absolutely accurate.

What keeps your rulers from slipping?

Our patented no-slip material is on the back of each ruler and template we make. This material grips and holds the fabric solidly in place, so you never lose your cut line.


General Description
  • Features Martelli no-slip material on back
  • We have many different shapes and sizes of templates, so be sure to check them out, too!

Our templates are designed to make your cutting easier and more accurate. The no-slip material creates grips and locks up to 32 layers of fabric in place. (Most people feel comfortable cutting 8-12 layers without sacrificing the accuracy, but with our templates you can cut even more!)

Because our no-slip material locks your fabric in place, you just need to lay the template on your fabric and turn to make your cuts. The templates, like our rulers, are cut on a laser machine, so they are 100% accurate. You can cut enough fabric for a king-size quilt in a matter of minutes.

What projects can I use the templates for?

Our templates can be used for a variety of projects–anything that requires perfectly accurate shapes.

The squares are by far the most popular, and are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can fin the perfect size for your projects. These come in large and small sets, and you can order individual templates if you need sizes over 9.5 inches.

Our triangles and circles are next most popular, and they also are group in small and large sets. If you need something larger than 9.5 inches, it can be custom ordered.

Diamonds, rectangles, and hexagons round out our standard-shape templates. They are not available in as wide a range of sizes and sets as those mentioned above. But again, anything can be custom ordered.

Finally our specialty templates offer a wide array of popular shapes and sizes for many, many projects. These range from applique, for which they are very popular, to garment making.

What you do with Martelli templates is only limited by your imagination!

What do "EVEN" sizes mean?

Originally, we offered our most popular templates in sets of small (2.5″, 3.5″, 4.5″, 5.5″) and large (6.5″, 7.5″, 8.5″, 9.5″).

Our customers asked for more size options, so we provided that by adding “EVEN” sizes to our product line. In this case, even sizes simply mean that the overall template size falls on the inch, instead of the half-inch: small (2″, 3″, 4″, 5″) and large (6″, 7″, 8″, 9″).

Do template sizes include seam allowances?

Yes. For example, a 4″ template will produce a finished size of 3.5″. And a 4.5″ template will produce a finished size of 4″.

How accurate are your templates?

Our templates are cut with a laser cutting machine, so they are absolutely accurate.

What keeps your templates from slipping?

Our patented no-slip material is on the back of each ruler and template we make. This material grips and holds the fabric solidly in place, so you never lose your cut line.

What are fussy-cut windows?

Our fussy-cut windows are a solution for centering and cutting a fabric design of your choice, and easy to use.

Do NOT use fussy-cut windows for cutting, only for previewing your fussy-cut.

How do I use the fussy-cut windows?

Just select your template size and the corresponding fussy-cut window.Preview cut by placing the window on the fabric design, and adjusting to get just the design you want.

Without moving the window, place the template in the fussy-cut window.While firmly holding the template in place, remove the fussy-cut window and cut along the edges of the template. Remove template, and to reveal your perfectly cut shape.


General Description
  • 3-piece set (iron top, cutting mat, base)
  • Iron top and cutting mat include Martelli no-slip backing

Our Round-About 3-piece set includes our Round-About base, mat, and iron top. The base rotates on twenty-four stainless steel ball bearings. The mat is a 17″ in diameter with our get-a-grip material on the backside of it.This means it will lock into the base or can be used in a stationary manner. The iron top also has our get-a-grip material on it (under the cover and a layer of 80/20 batting) so that it reflects the heat back into the material you are ironing.


No-Slip Pads

General Description
  • Two piece set includes 11″ x 17″ machine pad and 9″ x 9″ foot pedal pad
  • Both pieces are .5 inch thick
  • Both products feature Martelli’s no-slip material on both sides
  • Foot pad keeps foot pedal in place
  • Machine pad keeps vibrations from machine to a minimum

Tired of a vibrating and shifting machine or a foot-pedal with a mind of it’s own? It’s time to get Get-a-Grip, with our double-sided no-slip pad set for sewing machine and foot pedal. The same no-slip material used on our templates and rulers can stop a vibrating machine and a runaway foot pedal.

Free Motion Quilting

General Description

Free-motion quilting on you home machine has never been easier! Now you can use any home sewing machine for a variety of quilting projects. Our free-motion quilting products prevent injuries to hands and fingers while providing solid sure guidance of your quilt. Our hoops are made of tough and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. They have the Martelli no-slip material on the bottom of all of our hoops. A wide groove cut into each hoop allows easy access for your machines presser foot. Each hoop also has comfortable hand grips for easy control and keeps your hands safely away from the sewing head.

What size quilting hoops should I use?

Both sizes are a better value.

Use the 8″ for small projects, and the 11″ for large projects.

Be sure to take into account the size of the throat on your machine.

Binding System

General Description
  • For perfect hand and machine binding every time
  • Hand binding system
  • Contains: small zip gun and bag of replacement clips, Medium zip gun and a bag of replacement clips, large zip gun and a bag of replacement clips; .5″ minute miter, 1″ minute miter, 1.5″ minute miter; zip bind tool, sew-mate tool, complete written instructions.

These tools combined will actually make your binding experience easy and fun. Equally important, your bindings and mitered corners will turn out perfect and consistent every time! This product is generally purchased along side the Stitch-n-Ditch system because the two systems together make the ultimate binding experience!.

What size Zip Gun should I use?

This depends on the type of project you’re working on, and especially the weight of fabric and other materials.

Quilts with heavier fabric and batting, or upholstery projects, will probably need a large Zip Gun.

Lighter quilts and other projects can probably use a medium Zip Gun.

Use the small Zip Gun for even lighter quilts and projects. Our customers who sew garments particularly like the small size for seams, hems, and darts.

Of course, the best way to be prepared for any eventuality is to get all three sizes and a good stock of clips, so you have the right size for every task.

How many Zip Clips do I need for a quilt?

This is dependent on the size of the project.

Full Size Quilt: 4 packs

Queen Size Quilt: 5 packs

King Size Quilt: 6 packs

How do I reload my Zip Gun with Zip Clips?

Load clips by placing the open side of the clip facing out of the gun, then gently pushing it in with the tip of your finger.

Work Stations / Cutting Tables

What size work station is right for me?

That depends on the space you have available. Our 31″ x 59″ Advantage work station is our most popular table model.

All workstations can be used for cutting, piecing, binding, and finishing quilts.

Please see the following videos for more information on using the tables:

Which accessories should I use with my work station?

First of all, you’ll want to get all the components of our cutting system if you don’t already have them. The cutting system works as a whole, having all the parts will give you the greatest benefits.

As for other accessories, we have a shelf that fits under the table and and template organizers that can go on either or both ends.

The organizers are great for templates and other smaller items, while the shelf is quite roomy and make a greeat plkace for fabric and current products.