If you’ve already cranked out your hot air balloon project, orĀ  you’re looking for less conventional undertaking, have a look at this contemporary pinwheel block made with the side piece from the template set. Keep reading for step by step instructions on how to make the block.

You’ll need one background fabric, two contrasting fabrics for the blades and one more fabric similar to the background for the centers.

This works great with all applique methods, so just use your favorite. For any turned edge technique, be sure to add an approximate 1/4 inch of seam allowance when cutting.

It also works great wtih all three template sizes. For the smallest, cut an 11 inch square of background fabric, 13 inch for the medium, and 16 inch for the large.

Cut four blades in each of your contrasting fabrics. Do not fold your fabric when cutting or your blades will point different directions. Stacking is fine as long as your fabric is all facing the same way.

Press the background square in half vertically and horizontally.

Use the creases as placement lines for all of the blades in color one.

At this point, you can fuse, pin or applique in place.

Repeat with the second set of blades.

Last, add the circle.

Once everything is appliqued, square block to 10.5 inches.


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