If you were with us in Houston, or saw any of our social media posts, you likely noticed the unusual curtains hanging in our booth. We ran a small contest among some of our pattern testers to show the diversity of our new template set, Burke’s Beauty. All twelve of the testers received the same fabric and template set with instructions to make a 20-24 inch wide table runner. The public voted in Houston and we’re ready to announce our winners.

Big congratulations goes to Michele Hayden who won first place.

Second place went to Allie Varvel.

Third place to Andrew Hansen.

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to all the participants. The feedback on the booth was positive and enthusiastic across the board. See below for pictures of all entries (in no particular order).

Leni Cable


Cherri Kincaid

Cathy Mazzittello

Liz Littlejohn

Brooke Ehly


Charon Kill

Deborah Schultz

Sandi Pederson


G. Elizondo