We wanted to take a moment to highlight something we’ve been doing for a few months now . . . Every month we give away some Martelli products to recognize people who contribute to quilting and their community. We call them our Quirky Quilter Angels. And our most recent are:

Deanne Vaughn–February Angel

Deanne Vaughn from Crestview, Florida

A member of the Flying Needle Quilt Guild in Niceville, FL, “Deanne recently took on the job of planning their annual quilt show. From recruiting volunteers to creating the program to a beautiful completion, she worked tirelessly for our guild’s show–all while planning a relocation to another area in Florida and juggling a busy personal calendar. She is always giving to others and expecting nothing in return, while maintaining a great sense of humor in the process of working with others.”

–from Nomination Form

Stamie Cline–March Angel

Stamie Cline from Anderson, South Carolina

“Stamie can outrun the Energizer Bunny. She is the philanthropy chair for two quilt guilds–Electric City Quilt Guild and Prickly Fingers Quilters–both in Anderson, SC.” Stamie also owns the “Sew Inn” where the guilds’ philanthropy efforts are housed and the committees meet to work. “In addition to the guilds, Stamie works with the local Quilt of Valor project, and has many contacts with charitable organizations and arranges to supply them with quilts, pillow cases, Christmas stockings, ditty bags, and other needs. Stamie is always willing to lend a hand and share her expertise with anyone who needs her help.”

–from Nomination Form

Also, I want to remind you that the written words you give us in the nomination is what we based our judgement on, and the better you can reflect the nominees love of quilting and contributions to their community through quilting and other institutions–churches and schools, sewing groups and quilting guilds—the better we can choose deserving recipients.

Finally, we try really hard to pick deserving people for recognition, and so we do periodically review old nominations with the new, just to make sure we didn’t miss someone. We encourage you to renew your nomination by submitting a new one. Take some time now to nominate someone for recognition and a reward–just for being their incredible selves! Here’s the nomination form:

Nomination Form