Crazy Compass

Dear Marsha:

For the past three years, I have used the Martelli Rotary Cutter and am so happy to have such a wonderful piece of equipment.  I have used both of the cutters—the 45mm and the 60mm. The cutter is superb and has a wonderful ergonomic design that allows my arthritic hands to cut with ease and without pain.

I have given this product to my mother who is in her eighties, still loves to quilt, and she too has arthritis. Mom raves about this rotary cutter. I highly recommend this excellent product to all of my sewing sisters and brothers.

Dr. Diane Bourlier, DO

P.S. Enclosed is a picture of me holding a pup sled dog in Alaska and a picture of my Crazy Compass quilt.


Many Educators Recommend Martelli Products

I have been so impressed with the Martelli Products since the first day I used them. I just can’t say enough about all of the products—they are wonderful. Being an educator for Amazing Designs, I have to design new projects for different events that I do throughout the United States. So having the proper tool to make this easier is very important to me and this is why the Martelli products play such an important role in helping me produce a new project quickly and easily.

The ErgoCutter is so easy on your hands when you cut fabric. You can actually cut through over 15 layers of fabric and this makes it very nice when you are cutting all those strips for quilting. When I show my students this product they all want to know where they can get one.

Liz McRoberts, Amazing Designs Educator


Martelli Means Pain-Free Quilting

I am writing to thank you and your company for designing a wonderful ergonomic rotary cutter. I am an ergonomic specialist and have worked in industry for years with the development of ergonomic tools in the workplace for employee safety.

Several years ago I wrote a book called Pain Free Quilting. Having been a quilter for over 40 years I realized that quilters and crafters were becoming injured with the repetitive stress of their hobbies. I am always educating people on correct tool selection as part of their overall injury prevention program. Your tool (the rotary cutter) is the BEST cutter to date. Your design has converted the vertical hand position to the correct horizontal position. You also replaced the pressure of a cut from the shoulders, elbows and wrists to the whole palm of the hand. Achieving this neutral wrist position, I am sure will prevent thousands of quilters and crafters from developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is what we strive for at Pain Free Quilting, Inc.

Keep up the good work. The less we hurt, the more time we have to play safely.

Sincerely, Carol LeRoy, Pain Free Quilting, Inc.


So Happy About My Cutting

Dear Mrs. Martelli:

I have been cutting more in the last few days than what I have done in a whole year.  Just yesterday I cut 36 blocks to size, borders for 2 quilts, and binding! Plus, I helped my friend who also purchased your kit get started using it.

I sew every day, and I make quilts for family and friends, plus lap quilts and cuddle quilts for our local guild’s community projects.  It really was worth it–I have been feeling so happy about my cutting. I have to ask my husband for so many things and I always felt a little guilty asking him to do my cutting.  He is so wonderful and does so cheerfully, but it is something I am in control of again, and now can do whenever I want, instead of waiting.
I am so blessed to have a loving and patient husband. With him and a stack of fabric, sewing machines, and now my cutter and mat, I do not need anything. But I do want a Martelli Lacresta longarm some day.

Your letter made me feel like you are friends who care, and not just a business.

Thanks, Cathy Sprague


The above testimonials came directly from customers via letters, cards, emails, social media, and surveys.. They have been edited for length and clarity.