Martelli is pleased to offer our rotary cutter in three sizes for both left and right hand. ‘Left and right’ is pretty self-explanatory, but what about those sizes?

We often are asked the question, “Which size cutter should I buy?–the 45mm or the 60mm?” And now we’ve got the 28mm as well. My answer has always been: “It’s not an or; it’s an and.”

If you’re going to buy one cutter–buy the 45mm. It really is pretty straightforward. The 45mm can do almost everything you would typically need. The 60mm and the 28mm address specialty needs.

What Are They Made to Do?

  • 45mm – good for most cutting, multiple layers, basic curves
  • 28mm – made for curves and smaller pieces and projects
  • 60mm – upholstery fabric, blue jeans, polar fleece, lots of layers

Next, Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What kind of project are you doing?
  • How much fabric do I need to cut?

Buy the 45mm and the 60mm if:

  • If you’re a shop owner.
  • If you do lots of cutting.
  • If you like the ability to cut multiple layers of batting.
  • If make lots of charity quilts/projects.
  • If you do home décor projects.
  • If you quilt bigger projects and want to cut longer strips of binding. (Watch our videos where we cut 2 ½ yards of binding with the 60mm.)
  • If you cut specialty fabrics like upholstery, blue jeans, chenille, polar fleece, higher lofts of batting, etc.
  • If you have bigger hands, you may just like the feel of the 60mm better.

Buy the 45mm and the 28mm if:

  • If you like to cut and piece curves.
  • If you cut smaller pieces and scraps.
  • If you work on smaller projects.
  • If you’re an art quilter.
  • If you do a lot of applique.
  • If you need to get into tight spots with rulers and templates.
  • If you want more control around things like paper or Mylar templates.

Bottom Line:  If you’re going to buy one cutter, buy the 45mm. Once you feel the comfort and power of the cutter then buy the 60mm or the 28mm based on the types of projects you do most. Or . . . Just ask our other customers about the 28mm cutter and 60mm cutter. They’ll tell you how they use it, and for which projects they are best suited.